The Design of Notification System on Android Smartphone for Academic Announcement

Ahmad Sanmorino, Ricky Maulana Fajri
2018 International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies  
Through this article, we try to propose the design of notification system that runs on the Android operating system. This notification will be used for the academic announcement in the campus environment. The current announcement system only depends on the web portal, phones, groups in social media or short message system. The use of web portals and phones still has many limitations. Our proposed notification system can meet the needs of academic announcement broadcast quickly and massively. In
more » ... y and massively. In the end, this will cut the cost that stakeholders need to operate the academic announcement system in the campus environment. The design of smart notification system that we proposed in the future will be integrated with the academic information system.
doi:10.3991/ijim.v12i3.8494 fatcat:v546m2rkbzernaqem36jpo2cba