Based on Wide Area Environment Abnormal Behavior Analysis and Anomaly Detection Research

Lin Zhang, Xiaoping Li, A.J. Arumugham, M.M. Ulkhaq, M. Kocisko, R.K. Goyal, W.A. Yusmawiza, X. Qiu
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Group anomaly identification and location is an important issue in the field of artificial intelligence. Capture of the accident source and rapid prediction of mass incidents in public places are difficult problems in intelligent video identification and processing, but the traditional group anomaly detection research has many limitations when it comes to accident source detection and intelligent recognition. We are to research on the algorithms of accident source location and abnormal group
more » ... d abnormal group identification based on behavior analysis in the condition of dramatically changing group geometry appearance, including: 1) to propose a logic model of image density based on the social force model, and to build the crowd density trend prediction model integrating "fast and fuzzy matching at front-end" and "accurate and classified training at back-end"; 2) to design a fast abnormal source flagging algorithm based on support vector machine, and to realize intelligent and automatic marking of abnormal source point; 3) to construct a multi-view human body skeleton invariant moment model and a motion trajectory model based on linear parametric equations. The expected results of the research will help prevent abnormal events effectively, capture the first scene of incidents and the abnormal source point quickly, and play a decision support role in the proactive national security strategy.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20166810006 fatcat:jbncmcabfnatpmoww36v543usq