1903 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
the time of the typhoid fever epidemic at Ithaca the mayor appointed a water commission, which decided that the best method to obtain a pure supply was by the sinking of artesian wells, and accordingly a number of such wells have been driven by the city. The water company, however, after consulting the best experts on the subject, concluded that the construction of a filter plant was the only practicable way in which it could furnish its patrons with pure water. It is stated that the experts
more » ... that the experts all agreed that the correct solution of the Ithaca water-supply problem was not to try for different water, but to take that which was already in use and purify it. Miscellany MEMORIAL OF THE LATE MAJOR WALTER REED, M.D. On the 15th of August a meeting was held in Bar Harbor of friends of the late Major Reed, M.D., U. S. A., to whom in a large degree is due both the discovery of the mode by which yellow fever has been spread and also the consequent suppression of that dire disease. Representative men were present from different parts of the country and letters were received from various members of committees already appointed to promote the collection of a memorial fund in grateful com-
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