Freedom and Liberation

Kurien Kunnumpuram
1999 Zenodo  
The quest for freedom and liberation is quite widespread in our country today. This is noticeable especially among the poor, the Dalits, the tribal people and women. They long to be liberated from oppressions of various kinds so that they can live in freedom and dignity. Besides this, there is the quest for inner freedom, for liberation from the emotional blocks which prevent people from reaching wholeness and peace. It is this quest that makes them go in for therapies of different kinds.
more » ... ferent kinds. Moreover, a large number of our people are engaged in the quest for spiritual liberation. That is why they flock to the so called god-men or frequent the meditation centre.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4289932 fatcat:trwg4y6gkvbefarl43ttpl3grq