Pharmacogenomics in the Age of GWAS, Omics Atlases, and PheWAS [article]

Ari Allyn-Feuer, Gerald A. Higgins, Brian D. Athey
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The search for causative pharmacogenomic loci is being transformed by integrative omics pipelines, but their outputs have only begun being applied to test design. We assess the direction of the field in light of Biobanks/PheWAS, omics atlases, and AI. We first assess the potential of recent epigenome and spatial genome concepts, datasets, and methods to improve the functionality of PIP-style pipelines. We then discuss new potential methods of genetic test design on the basis of the outputs of
more » ... ch pipelines. We conclude with a vision for a pharmacophenomic atlas, in which omics atlas data, PheWAS associations, and biobank data would be used with AI to design thousands of genetic tests for clinical deployment in an automated parallel process.
arXiv:1808.09481v1 fatcat:7tys2l3qlfgifjxtgjq4jejoma