What Is the Rational Unified Process?

Philippe Kruchten, Rational Fellow
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What exactly is the Rational Unified Process, or RUP as many call it now? I can give several answers to this question, from different perspectives: q What is the purpose of the RUP? It is a software engineering process, aimed at guiding software development organizations in their endeavors. q How is the RUP designed and delivered? It is a process product, designed like any software product, and integrated with the Rational suites of software development tools. q What is the structure of the
more &raquo; ... how is it organized internally? The RUP has a very well-defined and regular structure, using an object-oriented approach for its description. q How would an organization proceed to adopt the RUP? The RUP is a process framework that allows a software development organization to tailor or extend the RUP to match its specific needs. q What will I find in the RUP? It captures many of modern software development's best practices harvested by Rational over the years, in a form suitable for a wide range of projects and organizations. The RUP Is a Software Engineering Process Many organizations have slowly become aware of just how important a well-defined and well-documented software development process is to the success of their software projects. The development of the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
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