Using the Fangcheng method to develop pre-algebra concepts in primary-grade students
Izgrađivanje početnih algebarskih pojmova u mlađim razredima osnovne škole primenom Fangčeng metode

Aleksandra Mihajlović, Nenad Vulović, Milan Milikić
2020 Inovacije u Nastavi  
The aim of the study is to investigate the possibility for fourth grade students to use the adapted Fangcheng method as a tool for solving word problems. In the first part of the paper we give an overview of the Ancient Chinese Fangcheng method for solving systems of linear equations. The second part consists of the research methodology, results and discussion. We used the quasiexperimental one-group design with post-test only. The sample included 48 fourth grade students. The research had two
more » ... e research had two phases, and at the end of each phase post-tests were conducted. In the first phase, all students participated in the intervention program, while the second phase included only those students who performed well on the first post-test. The study results indicate that students who show greater interest in mathematics successfully adopt procedures necessary for the performance of the Fangcheng method. The findings of the study cannot be applied to all students considering the fact that there are certain limitations, such as a small sample size and quasi-experimental design. Therefore, some further research should be performed with a larger sample of students. However, since there are not many empirical researches which explore the effects of applying the history of mathematics in math teaching, we believe that our study contributes to the field.
doi:10.5937/inovacije2001072m fatcat:fkppdspvbba3bji3csxb7kcmei