Airport Pricing of Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Slots: An Economic Critique of Federal Regulatory Policy

Daniel R. Polsby
2001 California Law Review  
airports have become increasingly congested over the last generation. Air travel delays, which cost the economy countless amounts in lost productivity and frustration, are accelerating at an alarming rate. This Comment argues that one can trace part of the congestion problem to a flawed system of airport slot pricing. Bolstered by outdated federal regulatory policy, this system discourages airports from charging aircraft for the full opportunity costs they impose on other airport users. The
more » ... port users. The Comment critiques current federal regulatory policy on airport pricing and recommends new policy to alleviate airport congestion. Specifically, it advocates opportunity cost pricing of airport resources and peak time pricing of slots to mitigate airport congestion and yield a fairer, more efficient air travel system. "To measure the heartbeat of your city, take the pulse of its airport." Billy Mitchell'
doi:10.2307/3481182 fatcat:l5zpdhetbjff5pjpmyqglxi5tu