Craniofacial Anthropometry in a Young Nigerian Population: the Canthal Distances

Blessing N.R Jaja, Hakeem B Fawehinmi, Joy T Jack
2011 International Journal of Morphology  
JAJA, B. N. R.; FAWEHINMI, H. B. & JACK, J. T. Craniofacial anthropometry in a young Nigerian population: the canthal distances. Int. J. Morphol., 29(3):914-917, 2011. SUMMARY: The measurement of craniofacial parameters have clinical, forensic and anthropologic significance. Local data on inner canthal and outer canthal distances and the canthal index may reveal the pattern of differential growth in craniofacial features resulting from factors such as sex, diet and genetic distinctions. In the
more » ... stinctions. In the present study, we provide normative data on canthal distances in a Nigerian population which has not been studied previously, utilizing a study design which optimises the effect of age and minimise bias and confounding than previous studies in Nigerian groups. The mean inner canthal distance was 1.85±0.30cm and 2.07±0.29cm (males vs. females, p= 0.000); mean outer canthal distance, 10.39±0.56cm and 10.40±0.98cm (males vs. female, p= 0.899). The results were found to be considerably lower than what has been reported among Nigerian groups.
doi:10.4067/s0717-95022011000300041 fatcat:ybixtm3cd5fyrhv6vuiq323eei