The role of field beans in nutrition of Boer goat

E. Aplocina
2018 Agronomy Research  
A study on the effective using of field beans to Boer mother goats feeding was carried out on a farm whose main activity is the production of goat meat. Since the Boer goat breed is still very rare in Latvia, there is a lack of experience in the feeding of meat goat. Goat productivity was analyzed according to the birth weight of goat kids a nd kids live weight at 50 days, as well as the average live weight gain of kids per day up to 50 days old. For control group goats a relatively high energy
more » ... atively high energy shortage (14% of the daily requirement) and protein deficiency (29% of the daily requirement) were o bserved in feed ratio. Adding fodder beans and maize into the feed, it is possible to optimize feed ratio for energy and protein supply. Experimental activities had shown that by the inclusion of field beans and maize in feed ratio of goat's mothers, the a verage increase in live weight of kids up to 50 days old was by 58.2% higher (P < 0.05) than that of kids in which goats' mothers received only oats as concentrated feed. By the optimization of feed ratio, it is possible to achieve a higher milk productivity of goat mothers and hence larger live weight gain for kids, which reduces the feed c osts by up to 9% for 1kg of live weight. By optimizing the breeding and feeding of mother goats and kids, it is possible to achieve greater animal fast - growing, hence, more efficient and cost - effective management.
doi:10.15159/ar.18.082 fatcat:5lsnmnpojrhv7pb3imlkh3mlya