The application of the indirect fluorescent antibody test in research on heartwater

J L Du Plessis, L Malan
1987 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research  
The preparation of the antigen, details of the reagents, the titration of the antispecies conjugates and the execution of the indirect fluorescent antibody test are described. The sensitivity and specificity of the test and its applicability to the detection of antibodies to Cowdria ruminantium are recorded. The test is both highly specific and sensitive and can be applied to a wide range of studies on heartwater, including epidemiology, determination of the C. ruminantium infection rate of
more » ... fection rate of Amblyomma ticks and the evaluation of immunization against heartwater. The test can also be used to detect antibodies to the heartwater agent in the sera of game.
pmid:3329322 fatcat:mwqmf5wbz5gbnoxhhx3wm2zhky