A short history of the thermomechanical theory and modeling of glaciers and ice sheets

Heinz Blatter, Ralf Greve, Ayako Abe-Ouchi
2010 Journal of Glaciology  
Observations of glacier flow and explanations of its origin started as early as the 18th century. Several mechanisms were suggested before gravity-driven viscous flow became the accepted theory of glacier flow in the 1950s, the early years of the Journal of Glaciology. Since the viscosity of ice is strongly temperature-dependent, the topic of glacier and ice-sheet dynamics became essentially a fluid-dynamical problem. The availability of growing computing power turned the field of glacier
more » ... ics and thermodynamics into a field of numerical modelling with increasing sophistication.
doi:10.3189/002214311796406059 fatcat:i3czypu3trf7ngtmbp7gmoqfke