Transmission characteristics of bianisotropic metamaterials based on omega shaped metallic inclusions

Koray Aydin, Zhaofeng Li, M Hudlička, S A Tretyakov, Ekmel Ozbay
2007 New Journal of Physics  
The authors report the transmission properties of omega shaped metallic inclusions on a dielectric medium that exhibits bianisotropic properties. The resonance frequencies of single omega resonators are investigated experimentally and numerically. The resonance frequency of an structure depends on its orientation with respect to the incident electric field. Increasing the tail length of the resonator causes a decrease in resonance frequency. Band gaps due to the magnetoelectric resonances are
more » ... served for various types of periodic omega arrays. A transmission band is observed when a periodic media is combined with a negative permittivity media of periodic thin wires. The transmission band appears below the band gap of periodic omega media, in turn indicating right-handed behavior. A dual transmission band is obtained by composing two different types of metamaterials that are arranged periodically.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/9/9/326 fatcat:e7jiytphovb4la3iyervzr5rza