Spectrophotometric Determination of Fenpropathrin in its Formulations and Water Samples

B. Krishna Priya, P. Subrahmanyam, K. Dakshayani, P. Chiranjeevi
2007 E-Journal of Chemistry  
Novel spectrophotometric methods were developed for the determination of fenpropathrin in insecticidal formulations and water samples. The methods were based on the hydrolysis of fenpropathrin with ethanolic KOH to form 3-phenoxy benzaldehyde. The resultant aldehyde group was condensed with anthranilic acid in presence of basic medium to form yellowish red color product having λmaxof 485 nm or condensed with 2-chloro phenyl hydrazine to form pink color product having λmaxof 557 nm. The color
more » ... 57 nm. The color derivatives were correspondingly stable for 5 and 8 days. The Beer's law was obeyed over the range from 0.03-10.0 µg mL-1and molar absorptivity 2.586×104L mol-1cm-1for anthranilic acid and from 0.02-8.0 µg mL-1and molar absorptivity 3.924×104L mol-1cm-1for 2-chloro phenyl hydrazine were observed. The optimum reaction conditions and other analytical parameters were established. The proposed methods have been applied for the analysis of water samples.
doi:10.1155/2007/296049 fatcat:ytx4cvu7qjhgrggozwh5uaeddq