Isolated carbonate platform reservoir multiple grouped discrete fracture network modelling

Xing Zeng, Heng Song, Anzhu Xu, Xiuguang Liang, Congge He, Yunyang Liu, Changhai Li, Erhui Luo, Song Chen
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
The fracture distribution on isolated carbonate platform is complicate congregation, it is necessary to accurately characterize fracture for oilfield development purpose. Based on the imaging logging fracture interpretation, this study analyzed the fracture grouping condition by sedimentary facies belt, also evaluated corresponding fracture intensity and orientation parameters; the fracture orientation trend for azimuth continuously changes fracture group can be established using the fracture
more » ... sing the fracture group azimuth parameter; the intensity property calculation of each fracture group was carried out by Sequential Gaussian Simulation method under the seismic curvature volume control; each group's discrete fracture network calculated from fracture intensity property and the analyzed fracture parameters accurately described the fracture distribution and orientation, the all groups together upscaled fracture property model shows permeability which consistent with with geological concept. This study shows: fracture features significant differentiated in each sedimentary facies belt on isolated carbonate platform, reservoir fracture can be characterized reasonably and accurately by azimuth trend control, thus lay the foundation for the reservoir simulation.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/546/4/042067 fatcat:7xid3hyytbb4lo6xc7fj6ha3nu