Extraction, Characterization and Modification of Castor Seed Oil

U Akpan, A Jimoh, A Mohammed
This paper carried out experimental study, through extraction and characterization of both crude and refined castor oil. Normal hexane was used as solvent for the extraction process. The oil produced was refined through degumming, neutralization and bleaching process using local adsorbent (activated clay). The characterization analysis revealed that tested parameters, which include specific gravity, refractive index, acid value, saponification value and iodine value for both crude and refined
more » ... crude and refined castor oil produced, were within the ASTM standard specifications. In fact the iodine value obtained (84.8) for the refined oil indicates that the oil could certainly be used as lubricant, hydraulic break fluid and protecting coatings. The oil was modified via sulphation method to produce Turkey-red oil that was tested on wooden material, paper and cloth. The test revealed that the Turkey-red oil produced is suitable to be used as a good dying agent and polish.