Ryciny prezentujące kampanię połocką 1579 r. jako jednolita kompozycja kartograficzna

2017 Terminus  
Engravings Depicting the Polotsk Campaign in 1579 as a Homogeneous Cartographic Composition Th e paper presents seven plans of fortresses (Polotsk, Sokil, Kazyany, Krasne, Turovla, Susza and Sitno) and a map of the principality of Polotsk by Stanisław Pachołowiecki. Th e analysis indicates that plans of fortifi cations and hydrogeologic conditions were integrated into a previously existing operational map of the principality of Polotsk. Th erefore, eight printed maps and plans constitute a
more » ... s constitute a joint work that was uniformly fi nished by one author (Stanisław Pachołowiecki or Giovanni Battista Cavalieri). Th e map of the principality of Polotsk features Russian fortifi cations in the form of two-dimensional projections. Th e strongholds were depicted in a reliable manner, both in terms of shape and the number of towers. Such a representation of settlement symbols was an innovative solution in Renaissance carto graphy. Not until the 17 th century were such means known and they did not appear on a broader scale until the 1730s.
doi:10.4467/20843844te.17.005.7894 fatcat:xsduqksztbhdpjjztpy2xhwndi