Leishmaniasis: a preliminary epidemiological study in a locality of the endemic area in the state of the Tabasco
Leishmaniasis: estudio epidemiológico preliminar en una localidad de la zona endémica del estado de Tabasco

C Córdova-Uscanga, N E Albertos-Alpuche, F J Andrade-Narváez, S B Canto-Lara
Salud Pública de México  
The state of Tabasco is localized in the endemic area of cutaneous leishmaniasis where both diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis have recently been reported. The objective of the present study was to obtain reliable information of the situation of this disease--which has a great relevance as a worldwide public health problem--through determination of the allergic index in a randomized sample from Ranchería Miguel Hidalgo, Comalcalco Municipality, Tabasco, Mexico. We
more » ... basco, Mexico. We found an allergic index of 56 per cent. Farmers and housewives had the highest positive responses to the Montenegro skin test. We found no statistical differences between males and females. Moreover, 3 patients with active lesions and people with scars suggestive of prior leishmaniasis were detected during the study. This village should be considered a high endemic focus.
pmid:8342080 fatcat:pti4gnfexffnfd722472mpocgy