A Letter from Antigonus to Scepsis, 311 B.C

J. Arthur R. Munro
1899 Journal of Hellenic Studies  
Riding down the valley of the Scamander on Sept. 24th of this year, I turned aside to see the ruins on Kurshunlu Tepe, the identity of which with the ancient Scepsis has lately been proved beyond all reasonable doubt by the inscription discovered there by Dr. W. Judeich (Festschrift für Heinrich Kiepert, p. 231). At the village of Kurshunlu I was so fortunate as to light upon the pair of inscriptions printed above. They are engraved on two marble slabs, which were unearthed on the top of the
more » ... n the top of the hill, apparently not many days before my visit. The neighbouring town of Bairamitch has recently suffered from a destructive fire, and much building is going on there. The villagers of Kurshunlu find a good market for stones from the ancient site, which they are quarrying in all directions.
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