Ultrastructure of Ascospores from Debaryomyces melissophilus, a New Taxonomic Combination

C. P. Kurtzman, N. J. W. Kreger-van Rij
1976 Mycologia  
Ascospore shape, wall layering, and surface structure are criteria considered important in separating Debaryomyces from certain other nitrate-negative yeast genera (Kreger-van Rij, 1970) . Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed ascospore walls of Debaryomyces to be composed of an outer thin, electron-dense layer and an inner layer that was much thicker, less electron-dense, and that formed the wartlike protrusions sometimes seen by light microscopy. In spores of D. hansenii (Zopf) Lodder
more » ... senii (Zopf) Lodder et Kreger-van Rij, the warts were generally more electron-dense than the rest of the inner layer (Kreger-van Rij and Veenhuis, 1975). The Torulaspora group of Saccharomyces, also noted for round roughened ascospores, had spore walls similar to those of Debaryomyces J -890'3
doi:10.2307/3759013 fatcat:o6wbe2hqxzbh3op7cjoonvq7o4