Innovative buildings and structures as a means of humanization of urban space

Maksim Votinov, Olga Smirnova
Innovative buildings and structures as a means of humanization of urban space are considered. Innovative buildings and structures are designed for various processes of human life. Innovative buildings are the objects of technologies, where the latest achievements in various fields of science and technology are realized. They were created gradually in the process of civilization development, but at all the stages of historical development they were distinguished by their novelty (they didn't
more » ... ty (they didn't have analogs), their unconventional constructive and compositional space-spatial solution which provides the individual artistic image of the object. These buildings should be differentiated into historical and modern. At each stage of historical development, they were architectural objects with new qualitative characteristics. The main patterns in the formation of innovative historical and modern objects are identified. The application of the phenomenological concept in the design of innovative buildings, when the architectural environment acquires its properties depending on the spatial – physical and utilitarian – needs of a human, where a person is viewed as a functioning object, as well as spiritual-aesthetic needs, where a person is considered as a perceiving subject, becomes urgent. The aspects of the humanization of the urban environment that innovative buildings should fulfill are determined.
doi:10.24358/bud-arch_17_163_04 fatcat:5sx2obgtnngdfnqm6bak55jqoi