F-limit points in dynamical systems defined on the interval

Piotr Szuca
2013 Open Mathematics  
AbstractGiven a free ultrafilter p on ℕ we say that x ∈ [0, 1] is the p-limit point of a sequence (x n)n∈ℕ ⊂ [0, 1] (in symbols, x = p -limn∈ℕ x n) if for every neighbourhood V of x, {n ∈ ℕ: x n ∈ V} ∈ p. For a function f: [0, 1] → [0, 1] the function f p: [0, 1] → [0, 1] is defined by f p(x) = p -limn∈ℕ f n(x) for each x ∈ [0, 1]. This map is rarely continuous. In this note we study properties which are equivalent to the continuity of f p. For a filter F we also define the ω F-limit set of f
more » ... x. We consider a question about continuity of the multivalued map x → ω fF(x). We point out some connections between the Baire class of f p and tame dynamical systems, and give some open problems.
doi:10.2478/s11533-012-0056-0 fatcat:g63i7tzqwzfqvdqa4kqp5jm6pq