STUDY ON MODELING FOR Φ_, Φ^ω_ AND TURBULENT DIFFUSION OF < u_i'u_j'> : Numerical simulation of flowfield around cube by means of various differential stress models
輸送方程式中の圧力歪相関項, wall reflection項, 乱流拡散項に関する各種モデルの評価 : 応力方程式モデルによる立方体周辺気流解析

1998 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
Turbulen田 ow around a surfacc − mountcd cube was analyzed by DSM ( Differenlial Stress MQdei ) , 恥 is paper r巳ports on 山 e results efseven cases Qf DSM 。。 mp . ... i... , u ・i ・ g f... diffe ・ ent m ・d ・1 ・ f・・ 砺 , tw・ diffe ・e・t m ・d・1 ・ f・・ iPr , ・nd t・・ diff ・・ ent ・ ・d・ 1・ f・・ D 、 i . ・ Th... c ... cy ・ f ・hese compulations was examined by comparing them with the resuits of wind tumel experiment and LES . The fc )llowing maUers are clarified, The Craft and
doi:10.3130/aija.63.55 fatcat:j5m33utv2vfn7nnuyafyiydqsa