Numerical Simulation Study on the Flow Field Out of a Submerged Abrasive Water Jet Nozzle

Junqing Meng, Qingen Wei, Yechao Ma
2016 Mathematical and Computational Applications  
In order to optimize the parameters of pre-mixed abrasive water jet cutting technology, make it more efficient in the coal mine gas environment and solve the problem of hard coal and the difficulty of rock drilling, FLUENT software was used to get the isothermal, incompressible, steady flow field out of a submerged abrasive water jet nozzle through numerical simulation, with different particle sizes and different confining pressures under submerged conditions. The results show that, under
more » ... w that, under submerged conditions, the maximum velocity of the abrasive particle outside the pre-mixed abrasive water jet nozzle is about 6 mm far away from the nozzle; the abrasive particle diameter has little influence on the velocity outside the nozzle. The external confining pressure of the nozzle has an important influence on the velocity, which is that the jet velocity of the same position decreases with the increase of confining pressure and the relationship between the confining pressure of different distance from the nozzle exit and the abrasive velocity is exponential function. The results of the simulation laid the foundation for optimizing the nozzle structure, improving efficiency and developing the abrasive water jet nozzle.
doi:10.3390/mca21010002 fatcat:5qq4lam4ozcaljzkljgfaoaynu