The Sustainable Development System Structural Model of Shaanxi Coal Industry

Li Guo
2011 Journal of Sustainable Development  
In this paper, the author uses the Interpretative Structural Modeling Method (ISM) to analyze the factors of sustainable development system of Shaanxi coal industry. Take the environmental capacity, economic development, social development, and resources capacity as the first-grade indicator system, and environmental protection measures, clean coal technology, coal utilization, clean mining technology, management innovation, technology innovation, and coal resource management as the
more » ... as the second-grade indicator system. Build a reach ability matrix to reflect the relationships of all factors in the system and form a structural model for the sustainable development system of Shaanxi coal industry. 130 includes four factors: the environmental capacity, that is how much the ecology can bear the coal mining, the economic development, that is the economic basis for achieving the system objective, the social development, that is the social basis for achieving the system objective, the resource capacity, that is whether coal resources meet the needs of present generation while not harming the needs of future generations. The second level includes management innovation, technical innovation, comprehensive utilization coals, clean coal technology, clean mining technology, environmental protection measures, and coal resource management. The third level is mainly the government's organization, execution, and participation. The model shows that, firstly, management innovation and technical innovation have direct impacts on all factors at the first level. Therefore, in order to realize the sustainable development of Shaanxi coal industry, we must emphasize on management and technical innovation. Secondly, environmental protection measures and clean coal technology have direct impacts on environmental capacity. Therefore, in order to improve and enhance the capacity of ecology bearing coal mining, we should strictly ask coal production enterprises to adopt the clean coal production technology, in addition to relevant environmental protection measures. Thirdly, as for economic development, only by increasing the comprehensive utilization of coals, extending the industrial chain, improving the added value of coals, adopting the clean mining technology, and depending on clean coal technology, can we guarantee the sustainable development of economy. Fourthly, the resource capacity depends more on coal resource management and clean mining technology. Therefore, the government should develop reasonable coal mining program and resource taxes, strengthen the effective management of coal resources, and achieve the sustainable development of resources.
doi:10.5539/jsd.v5n1p128 fatcat:fjfurwti7faf3os2hk4mep72rq