Reescrituras de la tragedia en el teatro latinoamericano contemporáneo. El caso Antígona

Lía Sabrina Noguera
2020 Catedral Tomada: Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana  
In the present article we propose to perform an analysis of various rewrites that from Latin America have been made from the text Antigone by Sophocles, taking as corpus of analysis: Antigone Velez (1951-Argentina) by Leopoldo Marechal, Furious Antigone (1986-Argentina) by Griselda Gambaro, The passion according to Antígona Pérez (1968-Puerto Rico) by Luis Rafael Sánchez, Antigone (1999- Peru) by José Watanabe, Antigonon. An epic contingent (2013-Cuba) by Rogelio Orizondo and Antigones. Court
more » ... Antigones. Court of women (2014-Colombia) by Carlos Satizabal. We start from the assumption that these dramas do this rewriting as a way of rethinking the national past and present and, especially, as a way of not forgetting the often traumatic experiences that these territories have experienced.
doi:10.5195/ct/2019.407 fatcat:fdnxq6i3yncxdcoik72gx57nki