Tanpınar ve Pamukun İstanbul Üzerine Eserlerini Göstergelerarası bir Şehir Çevi

Sema Üstün Külünk
2018 Folklor/Edebiyat  
Intersemiotic approaches in different fields of social sciences reveal resourceful insights on different fields of study, enabling an interdisciplinary approach. In this vein, it is a recent and innovative approach in Translation Studies to elaborate on the city as a source text, where the depictions of the author are read as a form of translation. In this framework, the texts written on a particular city are analyzed as intersemiotic translations of the relevant spatial site. The translation
more » ... ocess includes the rendering of the visual elements into verbal depictions, and each depiction and narration is claimed to provide a new perspective and translation of the city. Within this framework, I will provide a translation-oriented analysis of four literary works, Huzur and Beş Şehir-İstanbul by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar and İstanbul, Hatıralar ve Şehir and Kafamda Bir Tuhaflık by Orhan Pamuk, all of which and both of whom are defined as narrations of Istanbul and authors of Istanbul respectively. I
doi:10.22559/folklor.349 fatcat:kdwxm3op3zbslkxni565a42pki