Influence of Different Connection Types on Mechanical Behavior of Girder Trusses

Zeli QUE, Tongyu HOU, Yifan GAO, Qicheng TENG, Qiuyun CHEN, Changju WANG, Cheng CHANG
The static test of two single light wood trusses and two girder trusses were carried out to explore the performance enhancement effect of girder trusses and the influence of different connection types on the mechanical behavior, which was studied through the comparison of the test results of four trusses. It is found that the girder trusses can show better load-carrying capacity and anti-deforming ability compared with which simply increases the cross-section size of the members. Because of the
more » ... ers. Because of the advantage of the connection materials and the non-fastening connection mechanism, the wood pin-connected truss has more ultimate bearing capacity which is 2.6 times of single truss, and better deformation resistance which is only 66.2% of the nailed one's creep value.
doi:10.21967/jbb.v4i2.229 fatcat:cua2svs5pveibcsipsbcwgb5ym