Software tool for evaluation of reliability and survivability of complex technical system based on logical-probabilistic methodology

V. Yu. Skobtsov, N. V. Lapitskaya
2022 Doklady BGUIR  
The paper presents solutions for estimation and analysis of complex system (CS) reliability and survivability indicators based on the logical-probabilistic approach. Modified logical-probabilistic method and software tool for evaluating the reliability and survivability of onboard equipment (OE) of small satellites were developed (SS). The correctness of the suggested method and software tool was shown by computational experiments on some systems of CS SS similar to Belarusian SS, and later compared with the "Arbitr" software complex results.
doi:10.35596/1729-7648-2021-19-8-72-80 fatcat:usj4zvhbanhahowkb5xjk6twem