The Transformation from (111) to (100): A Routine to Large-Scale Epitaxial Diamond [post]

Yang Wang, Weihua Wang, Shilin Yang, Jiaqi Zhu
2020 unpublished
Diamond is a material with excellent performances which attracts the attention from researchers for decades. Pt (111), owing to its catalytic activity on diamond synthesis, is regarded to be a candidate for diamond hetero-epitaxity, which can enhance nucleation density. Molten surface at diamond growth temperature can also improve mobility and aggregation capability of primitive nuclei. Generally, (100)-oriented is welcomed for the achivement of high quality and large size diamond, since the
more » ... amond, since the formation of defects and twins are prevented. First-principle calculations and experimental researches were carried out for the study of transformation of orientation. The transformation from {111} to {100}-oriented diamond has been observed on Pt (111) substrate, which can be promoted by the increase of carbon source concentration and substrate temperature. The process is energetic favorable, which may provides a way towards large-scale (100) diamond films.
doi:10.20944/preprints202011.0746.v1 fatcat:5yitrq65fvdkzi23yvuttlpzp4