Prediction anaerobic capacity in terms of some Bodily Measurements and elements of Fitness

Omar Thanoon
1999 Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences  
This research aims at : -Recognizing the ratio of contribution belonging to the bodily measurements and the elements of fitness and its relation with the variable of Anaerobic capacity. -Building an equation of predicting the Anaerobic capacity through the bodily measurements and the elements of bodily measurements . In the light of theses aims the researcher hypothesized that: -The bodily measurements and the elements of fitness contributes in the Anaerobic capacity with a different ratios -It
more » ... ifferent ratios -It is possible to reach an equation with a normal significance in order to predict the level of the anaerobic capacity from the bodily measurements and elements of ‫سنوية)‬ ‫(نصف‬ ‫الرياضية‬ ‫للعلوم‬ ‫الرافدين‬ ‫جملة‬ -‫اجمللد‬ -( 21 ) -‫العدد‬ -( 67 ) -2018 ‫اجلسمية‬ ‫القياسات‬ ‫بعض‬ ‫بداللة‬ ‫(السعه)‬ ‫الالهوائية‬ ‫بالقدرة‬ ‫التنبؤ‬ ..... 20 fitness. -The researcher used the descriptive curriculum in the style of co-relational connections and the sample research includes the students of college of Sport Education/University of Mosul/ The Fourth Stage .In addition , the study contained some bodily measurements and some elements of fitness which are specified by the experiments and the researcher used some tests and the suitable measurements for every elements of the fitness ,he used also the trade mail test to reach the results, consequently , the study reached a number of equations that makes the prediction the of the anaerobic capacity possible and finally the researcher recommended to rely on the equations that are resulted from this study in predicting the anaerobic capacity.
doi:10.33899/rajsport.1999.162902 fatcat:zacsrkrlz5drfcjr3xmherpmdm