Nazeera Farzana N.M*, Dr. Ann Rose Augusthy, Neethu Narayanan P.P, Aparna Ivon, Alan Raj
2020 Zenodo  
Even though oral route is the most conventional route for the medications, it is associated with limitations like first pass metabolism, low elimination half-life, poor bioavailability and patient inconvenience. A recent advancement in pharmaceutical dosage development is the technique of in situ biodegradable implant system. These are liquid formulation which upon administration will undergo a sol to gel transformation in response to a physical change at site of administration. They form a
more » ... on. They form a drug depot that continuously releases the drug molecules at a pattern providing a sustained drug action. In order to reduce the frequency of drug administration and to avoid the drug level fluctuations in plasma, an implant of the particular drug could be formulated which can deliver the drug in a controlled manner. In situ gel forming polymeric drug delivery systems are reported to possess advantages such like ease of administration, reduced frequency of administration, improved patient compliance etc. They can also overcome the rapidly increasing cost of treatment due to their simple formulation approach. This review includes advantages, disadvantages, approaches, evaluations and applications of in situ gel based drug delivery systems. Key words: in situ, gel, drug, polymer, controlled, gelation
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3905871 fatcat:l7rabj4axbgltpadgrvwh6yzai