Aspectos histológicos e histoquímicos da cloaca feminina de Columba livia (Gmelin) (Columbidae, Columbiformes)

Maria Eloíza de Oliveira Teles, Maria das Graças Ribeiro, Sandra Maria das Graças Maruch, Roseli Deolinda Ribeiro
2001 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
Histological and histochemical aspects of female cloaca of CO/l/lnba livia (Gmelin) (Columbidae, Columbiforme). The domestic dove Co/umbo livio (Gmelin, 1789) is a species well adapted to Brazil and the study of its reproductive biology is part of a broad research project on birds. This essay describes the morphological aspects of the cloaca of female CO/limbo livio, describing compartments lengthwise starting from the head such as the coprodeo, urodeo and proctodeo limited by mucosaI tolds.
more » ... y mucosaI tolds. Each compartment of the cloaca presents its own morphological characteristics which differ one from the other in form, height and position of mucosaI projections, kinds of tissues, presence and histological aspects of glands, presence of Iymphonodus. The rectum opens into the coprodeo, the ureter opens into the oviduct and the cloacal sac opening into the proctodeo. Histochemical studies have shown the presence of glycoproteins in tissue cells and gland cells on the three segments of the cloaca.
doi:10.1590/s0101-81752001000100013 fatcat:eyx7o63ttfg5zkuyyqksocmayq