Emission from parallel p-brane black holes

Sumit R. Das
1997 Physics Letters B  
The entropy of a near-extremal black hole made of parallel D-branes has been shown to agree, upto a numerical factor, with that of the gas of massless open string states on the brane worldvolume when the string coupling is chosen suitably. We investigate the process of emission or absorption of massless S-wave neutral scalars by these black holes. We show that with rather mild assumptions about the nature of the interactions between the scalar and open string states, the D-brane cross-section
more » ... ane cross-section generally fails to reproduce the universal low energy black hole cross-section except for 1-branes and 3-branes.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(97)01079-4 fatcat:3fivt35z5fd7zn44z32ufp6hnq