Deployment accuracy analysis of cable-strut deployable mechanism with joint clearances and forces constrained

Chuanzhi Chen, Fei Lin, Jinbao Chen, Meng Chen, Zirui Dong, Jinhua Zhou
2018 Journal of Vibroengineering  
The effects on deployment accuracy of joint clearances and forces acting on the deployable mechanism are investigated. "A virtual massless link" is used to describe the joint clearance of the mechanism in the free state. Aiming at the following problems of multi-loop linkages mechanical system such as loop constraints coupling and complicated topology structure, the geometric relationships and the deploying error equations of deployable mechanism are provided based on Denavit-Hartenberg matrix
more » ... -Hartenberg matrix by splitting multi-loop linkage into 3 single-loop linkages. In addition, with consideration of forces, "a virtual massless rope" is used instead of "virtual massless link" to describe the joint clearance for avoiding the extra singularities. And the criterion of mechanism in stable configuration is obtained by weighting coefficient method on the basis of minimum potential principle. The solving procedure of deploying error equations in the state of forces constrained is presented by combining Monte-Carlo method with genetic algorithm, it is an effective solution for the nonlinear objective function with multiple constraints and strong coupling. The results indicate that the appropriate forces acting on mechanism produce a significant effect on improving repeat accuracy, and the absolute accuracy can be improved with the future error compensation.
doi:10.21595/jve.2017.18709 fatcat:3svj2vt2lngz5jsevywigz3ube