Typha latifolia L. (Typhaceae), nuevo registro para la flora de Chile

Jonathan Urrutia, Alicia Marticorena, Paulina Sánchez
2017 Gayana. Botanica  
For first time in Chile, is documented the presence of Typha latifolia L., a species that occurs mainly in wetlands, and up to date it was only registered in neighboring countries. This new species record was found in the Talcahuano area, Biobío Region. A morphological description of the plant is provided and also an identification key for the species of the Typha genus growing in Chile. Gayana Bot. 74(2): 299-301, 2017.
doi:10.4067/s0717-66432017000200299 fatcat:5ahv6pp6gnce3e5cxvqvbvfmcm