A comparative study of the corrosion of wire used in urological treatment under sterilization

W. Walke, J. Przondziono
2012 Metalurgija  
The purpose of the tests was to determine whether and how sterilization process of samples made of AISI 316L stainless steel with different strain impacts their corrosion resistance. Tests were made on steel samples that had been electrochemically polished in order to assure proper surface roughness. In order to evaluate the influence of sterilization on physical and chemical properties of steel surface, tests of corrosion resistance were made by means of potentiodynamical method. The tests
more » ... made in alternative solution simulating human urine. Recorded anodic polarization curves created the ground for determination of typical parameters describing pitting corrosion resistance, that enabled to evaluate steel wire corrosion behavior under sterilization conditions.
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