Improved Disintegrator

1874 Scientific American  
IMPROVED SELF-LOCKING PADLOCK. rials; South Carolina phosphates, also either alone or mixed; COlDpreslled &Ir as a Street Car Motor. The novel form of self.locking padlock represented in the and slaughterhouse tankage, bone ash, salt cake, carbonated Some time ago, in discussing the question of a cheap and engraving is the invention of Mr. D. K. Miller, of Philadel· soda, cracklings, coal, corn and cob, sugar, oyster shells, effective motive power, for street cars and for use under phia, a well
more » ... under phia, a well known safe and bank clock manufacturer and a clay for fire and building brick, animal matter in almost all similar circulll stances, where opportunities exist for repla lock expert of some celebrity. In points of workmanship conditions, mortar, cement, aud numerous others. The mil.· cing the stored·up force after its employment for a given and construction the device possesses the merits of simpli-chine consists of several cylindrical cages, formed of round time, we intimated the possibility of some mechanism be city and convenience; while its durability is enhanced by its bars secured to disks and annular rings, one inside the oth-ing devised whereby, for the purpose, the power of a strong being made entirely of brass. The pins at all movable joints er, and to revolve in opposite directions, presenting, spring might be advantageously employed. The suggestion, are wrought of that metal, so that deterioration from the however, no scrubbing or grinding action. The materials to like many otaers which have appeared in these columns, set effects of weather is amply provided against. be disintegrated are received into the inner cage, and, by the one person, at least, thinking; the train of thought led to
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10311874-278a fatcat:42dxg2oem5golavlh5zw3i552e