Satisfacción estudiantil en la valoración de la calidad educativa universitaria

Edith Georgina Surdez Pérez, María del Carmen Sandoval Caraveo, Clara Luz Lamoyi
2018 Educación y Educadores  
Assessing student satisfaction contributes to successful decision-making when it comes to managing the quality of university education. The aim of this study was to identify the satisfaction of undergraduate students in two academic areas: Administration and Economics and Engineering and Architecture at a public university in the south of Mexico regarding elements of educational quality. These include the teaching-learning process, students´ perception of the treatment they receive from those
more » ... eceive from those who they must interact with during their studies, university infrastructure, and students´ self-realization. Based on non-experimental, cross-sectional, descriptive and correlational method of research, the study took a quantitative approach with a probabilistic sampling of a population of 7676 students. Using a questionnaire with a Likert scale, the confidence level was evaluated by means of the Cronbach Alpha Coefficient, which reports a value of .840, and was validated with a factorial confirmation through the SPSS-AMOS program. This research made it possible to identify areas of opportunity to increase student satisfaction with infrastructure and noted positive feedback on the respectful treatment students receive from their tutors. It also highlighted the opportunities for personal development the institution offers to students and statistically specified significant satisfaction differences between age groups, campuses, study programs and marital status.
doi:10.5294/edu.2018.21.1.1 fatcat:6u4be4gr6vcqjdwyixswmdrewa