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2019 Revista Psicologia e Saúde  
Presentation In this issue, Revista Psicologia e Saúde presents recent developments in the relatiohsip bewteen brain and behavior strenghthening our understanding of the neurobiological basis of behaviors. In neuroscience, the link among brain and behavior is complex and comprises the interaction of different elements and systems. Neuroscientists endeavor to understand how the brain develops and controls our behavior by making critical questions of how the brain works to display certain type of
more » ... lay certain type of behavior. We brought together the contributions from leaders of multiple academic worldwide Institutions to discuss advances and limitations in our comprehension of physical exercise and geriatric depression, neuropsychological interventions in young subjects, prediction of happiness by using software applications as well as approaches for describing the behavioral phenomenon such as the parallel distributed processing model. Stemming from these themes, this issue of Revista Psicologia e Saúde presents a collection of articles that discuss recent progress in the link between brain and behavior and put forth conceptual frameworks under which we would like to offer comprehensive understanding to deepen our knowledge of these topics. Indeed, these advances help to connect current findings from different and complementary perspectives and provide a more complete picture of the phenomena of brain and behavior but also bring more questions of brain's function during the display of behaviors and its pathological features. We of course hope that the current issue of Revista Psicologia e Saúde will stimulate professionals in health field to develop collaborative initiatives for new avenues of research.
doi:10.20435/pssa.v11i2.1051 fatcat:budvo4by75dh3psu3fntktwxja