French Artisans at the Centennial

1876 Scientific American  
citutific jmtricau. tion of carbonic acid by light, the interference of chemical I years to bring the Caspian to a level with the Black Sea. As, rays, the crystalization of substances by rays of light, the, however, the action of the rapid stream would infallibly supposed magnetizing properties of light (which he found : soon deepen and increase the width of thp passage, Mr. Spal not to exist), and the effects of light upon vegetation. Dr.' ding estimates that in forty years the levels of the
more » ... the levels of the two seas Draper was the first to photograph Fraunhofer's lines, the: would be so nearly the same that the channpl would be nav first to take a portrait by daguerreotypy, thp first to suggest; igable. This new Mediterranean could be traversed hy large the relation between the spectra of incandpscpnt hodies and' ships from the borders of Persia to ahout the fiftieth parallpl their physical or chemical composition, the first to devise , of north latitude, along the pstunries Qf the Ural and Volgll, charts of the spectral lines of bodies, the first to explain the and to a much greater distancp by ships of small hurdell. mechanical cause of flow of sap in plants,and that the yellow The importance of the work, judging from the results px ray and not the violet produces the reduction of carlJOnic, pected, is not pxceeded by that of the Suez Canal. The acid therein, and the first to photograph the moon. No one world is none too large for its population; and to reclaim the
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05271876-337a fatcat:bcadmhla7bdhdcuatvzldonmme