Toward Digitalization of Maritime Transport?

Pedro-Luis Sanchez-Gonzalez, David Díaz-Gutiérrez, Teresa Leo, Luis Núñez-Rivas
2019 Sensors  
Although maritime transport is the backbone of world commerce, its digitalization lags significantly behind when we consider some basic facts. This work verifies the state-of-the-art as it currently applies to eight digital domains: Autonomous vehicles and robotics; artificial intelligence; big data; virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality; internet of things; the cloud and edge computing; digital security; and 3D printing and additive engineering. It also provides insight into each of the
more » ... ht into each of the three sectors into which this industry has been divided: Ship design and shipbuilding; shipping; and ports. The work, based on a systematic literature review, demonstrates that there are domains on which almost no formal study has been done thus far and concludes that there are major areas that require attention in terms of research. It also illustrates the increasing interest on the subject, arising from the necessity of raising the maritime transport industry to the same level of digitalization as other industries.
doi:10.3390/s19040926 fatcat:yz5jiwb4ezgqfgwwekjevjzahu