Rediscovery, redescription and reclassification of Beludzhia phylloteliptera (Diptera: Sarcophagidae: Miltogramminae)

Krzysztof SZPILA, Thomas PAPE
2007 European Journal of Entomology  
The species Beludzhia phylloteliptera Rohdendorf is redescribed from adult males and females as well as all larval instars collected in the United Arab Emirates. The morphology of the first instar larva is strikingly similar to that of Dolichotachina marginella (Wiedemann) and Phylloteles pictipennis Loew, all of which are here documented for the first time. These three generic representatives share several character states, which are probably plesiomorphic relative to the condition observed in
more » ... ndition observed in other miltogrammine larvae, but the uniquely shaped, slender mouthhook, a cushion-or pad-like lobe behind the maxillary palpus (cheek organ), the antero-ventral segmental prolegs of the first instar larva, and the integumental warts of the third instar larvae, are shared character states not known from any other species of Sarcophagidae. Beludzhia Rohdendorf is therefore placed with Dolichotachina Villeneuve and Phylloteles Loew in the tribe Phyllotelini.
doi:10.14411/eje.2007.018 fatcat:bdnlmwhaq5emdkmwqoprp6ggzy