Investigation on genetically modified soybean (RoundUp Ready) in goat nutrition: DNA detection in suckling kids

R. Tudisco, M. I. Cutrignelli, S. Calabrò, A. Guglielmelli, F. Infascelli
2010 Italian Journal of Animal Science  
The presence of plant DNA fragments in blood, kidney, hearth, liver, spleen and muscle tissue from suckling kids was investigated by using PCR approach. Fragments of high copy number chloroplast and low copy soybean lectin genes were found in several samples of kids whose mother were fed diet containing conventional (control) or transgenic soybean (treated). Only in treated group, fragments of 35S and CP4 epsps soybean genes were found in several samples.
doi:10.4081/ijas.2007.1s.380 fatcat:e5rutb562fcj7izwjzgnniiibu