Thallium-201 myocardial scintigraphy in patients with triple-vessel disease and ischemic exercise stress tests

J Leppo, T Yipintsoi, R Blankstein, R Bontemps, L M Freeman, L Zohman, J Scheuer
1979 Circulation  
Thirty patients with triple-vessel coronary artery disease proven by angiography, symptomatic angina and a positive ECG stress test were evaluated with thallium-201 ("'Tl) scintigraphy. Twenty patients also had aortocoronary saphenous vein bypass surgery; 15 of them had repeat noninvasive evaluation. Seventy percent of these patients showed ischemia by 201TI scintigraphy, of which one-half returned to normal after surgery. Postoperative reversion of the ECG stress test together with 201TI
more » ... er with 201TI stress/reperfusion imaging correlated well with the completeness of surgical revascularization. We could not explain the prevalence (80%) of infarcts detected by 2"'TI in this group, of which 76% could be anatomically correlated to epicardial scars. The positivity of infarcts by 21'TI exceeded that predicted by previous history of infarction, Q waves on resting ECG or ventriculographic akinesis. These observations suggest that "'TI scintigraphy is a useful noninvasive tool in the follow-up and understanding of patients with coronary heart disease. These conclusions also support the concept that "'TI stress imaging need not have the identical connotation as the ECG stress test.
doi:10.1161/01.cir.59.4.714 pmid:421310 fatcat:3e57ddraj5bpjnde6xnamja4nq