An exploration of organization dissent and workplace freedom of speech among young professional intra-urban migrants in Shanghai

Cheng Zeng, Stephen M. Croucher
2017 Figshare  
This study explores the factors influencing the dissent behavior and perceptions of workplace freedom of speech among young Chinese professionals who are intra-urban migrants. It attempts to grasp the role of the Chinese household registration system, referred to as Hukou, in migrants' professional and everyday life. Fourteen interviews were conducted with young, well-educated intra-urban migrants who possessed middle-income jobs but did not possess a Shanghai registration (Hukou). This study
more » ... ukou). This study reveals that traditional Confucian values are significant in shaping Chinese migrant workers' expressions of dissent and perceptions of workplace freedom of speech. Findings from this study demonstrate that further attention to professional migrants is warranted to understand their unique position in Chinese society. Internal migration is a global phenomenon particularly prominent in developing countries. This study is an attempt to shed light on internal migrant's social and organizational life in developing economies.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4519826.v1 fatcat:vl5mfsrmdnetzd5u5z3qqai2dq