Kalman Filter for Spinning Spacecraft Attitude Estimation

F. Landis Markley, Joseph E. Sedlak
2008 Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics  
This paper presents a Kalman filter using a seven-component attitude state vector comprising the angular momentum components in a n inertial reference frame, the angular momentum components in the body frame, and a rotation angle. The relatively slow variation of these parameters makes this parameterization advantageous for spinning spacecraft attitude estimation. The filter accounts for the constraint that the magnitude of the angular momentum vector is the same in the inertial and body frames
more » ... ial and body frames by employing a reduced six-component error state. Four variants of the filter, defined by different choices for the reduced error state, are tested against a quaternion-based filter using simulated data for the THEMIS mission. Three of these variants choose three of the components of the error state to be the infinitesimal attitude error angles, facilitating the computation of measurement sensitivity matrices and causing the usual 3x3 attitude covariance matrix to be a submatrix of the 6x6 covariance of the error state. These variants differ in their choice for the other three components of the error state. The variant employing the infinitesimal attitude error angles and the angular momentum components in an inertial reference frame as the error state shows the best combination of robustness and efficiency in the simulations.
doi:10.2514/1.35221 fatcat:dmy7rfkfczcudf64ldmizs3y6m