Association of proportion of pod wall with seed yield and some yield attributes in greengram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]

K Karmakar, S Sinhamahapatra
2006 Journal of crop and weed   unpublished
Partitioning of dry matter into economic and uneconomic parts has long been acknowledged as an important physiological process determining yield in most of the grain crops particularly in blackgram and greengram. Proportion of podwall to pod yield has been found to be very high in greengram. Significant increase in seed yield could be attained if excess dry matter of podwall is translocated to seed. However, the knowledge of relationship of this trait with seed yield and other yield attributes
more » ... s a prerequisite for such a programme. In the present work eight genotypes of greengram were grown in RBD with three replications in 2004 and the genotypic correlations among proportion of podwall, pods / plant, seeds / pod, biological yield, harvest index, 100 seed weight and seed yield were estimated and path-coefficient analysis was done. Proportion of pod wall showed significantly positive correlations with pods / plant, seed / pod and significantly negative correlation with 100-seed weight. Correlation between proportion of pod wall and seed yield was not significant. Path analysis showed high negative direct effect of proportion of pod wall on seed yield. While pod / plant showed high positive direct effect, 100 seed weight showed high negative direct effect on seed yield. Future breeding programme in relation to this trait is discussed.