T.G. Shekhovtseva, M.О. Dolinna
2020 Актуальні проблеми сучасної медицини: Вісник Української медичної стоматологічної академії  
Current trends in the development of the Ukrainian education system provide a new approach to the organization of educational process. A doctor must know the algorithm of the diagnostic process and medical decision-making peculiarities underlying the making diagnosis. This requires constant improvement as the number of law cases has demonstrated that diagnostic errors are merely not due to physician's insufficient medical qualification but often as a consequence of violation of the basic
more » ... of the basic procedural laws. Studying the theory of medial diagnosis stimulates the development of clinical thinking. The purpose of this work was to systematize the main stages in making diagnosis and to outline the ways of their implementation through the interactive learning. The study involved the medical students of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. The methodology included theoretical systematic analysis of scientific and methodological literature as well as own experience in applying interactive learning. The main motivating factor in the professional training organization should be focused on the professionally oriented use of material and fostering students' own experience. Under these conditions, the importance of a semiotic approach to the diagnosis of diseases is increasing, i.e. the process of disease identification relies on the ability to catch and to recognise its signs. When making a diagnosis, the doctor has to rely on facts only. This is described as "clinical thinking." The interactive learning in the courses of various disciplines in the program of medical doctor training is being actively implemented at Zaporszhzhia State Medical University. It provides the opportunity for more pronounced pedagogical influence, which induces students to be more active in mastering the program, as well as to demonstrate creativity and research for solving various tasks in daily class practice. Deep understanding the theory of medical decision-making process and making diagnosis greatly contributes to clinical thinking.
doi:10.31718/2077-1096.20.2.248 fatcat:fambbtomhjdvhcg6ythujoyrdu