Effect of crushing on near-gravity material distribution in different size fractions of an Indian non-coking coal

S. Mohanta, B. Sahoo, I.D. Behera, S. Pradhan
2016 Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy  
Run-of-mine coal contains particles of different sizes with different specific gravities, and when this coal is crushed, the amount of material present in a particular density class changes. This alters the washability characteristics of the coal, which affects the quantity, quality, and separation efficiency of the gravity-based coal washing process. The degree of difficulty in washing a typical coal at a particular specific gravity depends mostly on the amount of material occurring within
more » ... ccurring within ±0.1 specific gravity range, which is known as 'near-gravity material' at that particular specific gravity of separation. In this paper, two numerical indices, namely 'near-gravity material index' and 'index of washability', are used to quantify the distribution of near-gravity material in different density classes and to evaluate the degree of difficulty involved in the washing process. The results of this preliminary investigation indicate the uniform distribution of near-gravity material in all density classes for finer size fractions, whereas for coarser size fractions more near-gravity material is present in the lower density classes, making the washing process more difficult at a lower specific gravity of separation. coal, coal cleaning, near-gravity material, index of washability.
doi:10.17159/2411-9717/2016/v116n2a12 fatcat:wrdeh62yhjcrbn6lni3rsur3ma